Could it be???

Could she maybe look like her mommy, and not just her daddy???

Here's a photo of me when I was a baby (3 months).
And here's Miss V...

Gosh, I love this kid!

There have been some attitude changes the past few days that come as mixed blessings. Victoria has slept completely through the night the last three nights, not even waking me up to put the pacifier back in her mouth, and not being swaddled. (she hasn't had a bottle at night since we came back from WV after Easter). The flip side: I think she's got to be cutting teeth. She's chewing more than usual, and crankier than usual. Of course, that could have something to do with the heat, though the a/c has been cranked nonstop the past few days. Oh - and she's "talking", though only if there's something in her mouth (pacifier, hand, whatever!)

New video: Chatterbox

V got her first really fun doll the other day, too! Her name is Emily, and she squeaks, her necklace rattles, her dress crinkles has fun textures and colors!

Living a Dream!

On Saturday, Chad was able to play in a charity alumni football game at North Branch High School against Imlay City. North Branch got the victory which was sealed by a key fumble recovery Chad was able to scoop up. When I downloaded the pictures onto my camera, I did notice that they were almost all of him on the bench....well, I assure you Chad played a great game and I am extremely jealous.


My Daddy is from Mio!

A little bumpy, but she still enjoyed the ride!


1 year blog-aversary

Wow. I think the date would have passed without me knowing it if Colleen hadn't said something. One whole year since we started this blog. So much has changed. I think about how we felt back then, just finding out we were pregnant, with high hopes and probably higher expectations. Never in a million years would we have imagined we'd go through so much in such a short period of time. I remember when I was reading through my "What to expect when you're expecting" book in the beginning, I would pretty much skip over all the high risk info, the stuff on pre-term labor/delivery just didn't seem to apply to us. Pregnancy just isn't one of those cases where you go into it expecting the best but preparing for the worst. I know by far we didn't get the worst, and for that I'm grateful. Everything in life is about your outlook, as I referenced before in the coffee bean story I posted (March 9th, if you want to read it again). Here's another little tidbit I read the other day about pessimism vs. optimism:

There were two little boys; one was an optimist and the other was a pessimist. They put the pessimist in a room full of toys and the optimist in a room full of horse manure. One hour later, they checked on the two boys. They noticed that the pessimist was crying and asked him, "What's Wrong?" He said, "One of my toys is broken." Then they looked in on the optimist, who was smiling and shoveling away. They asked him what he was doing and he replied, "Well, with all of this manure, I figured there must be a pony in here somewhere!"

I noticed yesterday that I still get excited to hear Victoria waking up from her morning nap. I bound excitedly up the stairs to pick her up, love her, and just hold and talk to her. I'm so lucky. We're so lucky. Thanks to all of you who've offered your support - emotional, physical, and sometimes financial. I know it's not all going to be sunshine and roses from here on out, but we're going to make the best of it, one day at a time. And it certainly helps to have this face smiling at us every day.


What a difference!

Here are some photos to compare March to July. It seems like such a short period of time, but we've been through some huge changes.

Knock, knock!

For our generation, a cult movie was the Labyrinth. Maybe some of you remember the door knocker scene...

V's version:

The twins, they are a-growin'

Here's the latest pic of Uncle Jeff, Aunt Marie and the twins :D Doesn't she look great?!?


Fun in Dysfunctional

That was the theme this year - my mom's side of the family had our reunion this past week up in Mackinaw City. Thought I'd share some photos.
As you can see by the background, they were really "roughing it"!!

Some of the "older" cousins at Sarah's wedding shower.
We're a good looking group of chicks! Michelle, me and Faye hanging out.
Jess, her daughter Emily, and Will (who's only 8 and almost as tall as I am!)
Aunt Kathy, David, and Willo's son, Tucker.

I wasn't there for picture day, but some of my cousins were. In no order, here's who was there:
Kelsey, McKenna, Corey, Willo, Paul, William, Sarah, Alex, Erin, Lea, Maddie, Gabriel, Grahm, Olivia, Sophia, Elijiah, Noah, Hannah, and Shane. Missing were Jeff, me, Rich, Drew, Leslie, Brad, Lane, Jessica, Matthew, Jack, Megan, Claire, Katie, Logan, Faye, Brendan, Sara, Michelle, Jason, Zachary, Daniel, Shawn, Eric, Ellen, Valerie and Josh. I think that's all... and that's just first cousins! I LOVE having a big family!!!



Victoria and I drove down to Aunt Bo's yesterday to visit with her and her niece, Emme, who's 9 months old. We had a great time, even if the visit was kind of short.

V thought she did so well with the horse the other day, she decided to try to wrassle a moose!And the visit wouldn't be complete without an outfit change due to the perpetual spitup!


Off topic, but...

I had to share. I think we have Smurfs living in our yard!!! These little mushrooms are popping up all over the place. This has been a strange summer... odd and plentiful mushrooms, and tons of frogs around the yard.

I Ain't Afraid of No Horse!

Victoria had her first meeting with a large horse today. As you can see, she was not scared and the horse seemed to like her as well. Thanks to John for having the party and allowing Victoria to visit with his horse.


I guess pink is good...

Since in green, V looks quite a bit boy-ish.
But she would make a pretty cute boy, too!


Noticing Surroundings

I've seen a change the past week or so that V is really starting to notice her surroundings. Sometimes this poses a bit of a challenge (like when I'm trying to get her to eat), but it's yet another sign that she's just a healthy, growing baby. She's taken more interest in things around her...

Her Taggies blanket...
Her exersaucer (this thing is great - though it works better with bare feet!) ...
And I found out I can attach a rattle with Link-a-doo's to her swing and she can't throw it to the floor! Plus, they make lots of noise when she bangs them on the tray, which she loves.


First Car Show

On Saturday, Victoria attended her first ever car show. I can't wait until she is big enough to sit in the passenger seat and go for a ride. Here are a few pics from the day.Victoria admiring the Hot Rods!68' Camaro looked good, but somehow was not rewarded with a plaque. They did, however, reward a junkie 1979 Ford Bronco II....it had a lift kit...?

This is the side emblem on a 1966 Corvette. My Camaro also has a 427 so I thought this would be a pretty cool picture.

This is the nose of that 66' Vette. This car was in my top 4 of the show.

The autograph says enough, but this was on a 1967 Shelby GT 500 and it was convertible. Not much of a Ford fan, but this style of Mustang is a work of art.

Expensive suspension and brakes of a nice 32 Ford.

Exhaust on a rare car...so rare I don't remember what it was.


NICU Visit

We recently watched a special on the same NICU that Victoria spent her first 8 weeks. After the show, we decided we needed to get our butts in to visit the many people that made our little one able to come home with us. It was a short visit, due to the fact that the NICU is as busy now as it was then. Attached is a link to the Covenant NICU. If you are looking for a great place to give money...please do so in Victoria's name. Also, here are two pictures....the first is the day Victoria came home with us, the second is from today. Both are with her favorite nurse (Margie), no offense Marie. The second includes Jason, another fine nurse at the NICU.


Summer in the country

Yes, our grass is a little long, but that makes it soft! Besides, we've been gone for a week and a half (not that I do any of the grass cutting).