A few more big words...

Victoria and I were in the car headed home last night when she asked where Jaj and Busha went to church. I asked her what town they live in, and her answer was "Biography!" I asked her to clarify, and she again said, "Bi - 0 - gra - phy!"

Today, on our way home from school, "Mom - that sign we just drove by said Junction! We're on a junction! Just like Jungle Junction (a cartoon on tv)!"


Word Worm

The other day, Victoria asked me, "Mom, what does 'necessary' mean?" I gave her a definition, then asked where she saw or heard that word. Her reply: "On my game, it says, 'No reading necessary to play'!" When I'm reading stories to her, I've started just changing a word here and there (saying 'friend' instead of 'bud') to sort of see how closely she's paying attention when I'm reading at regular speed. She's caught me even when it's unintentional on my part!

Catching up on the past week

We finally got our Christmas tree last weekend. I'd like to continue the tradition of waiting until just after V's birthday to get the live tree. It's up in the living room, however has no lights, as only 1 of our 6 strands worked, AND I can't find any lights anywhere - everywhere is sold out!

One of V's requested birthday presents was a new guitar. I found one with a microphone, too!

Victoria's been asking frequently to use our camera, and has gotten good at watching the preview window, and holding still to take the picture. I had to delete about 15 identical pics of her horses - she likes 'em!
In this one, V lined up all her horses, set out a birthday card, and had them all singing Jingle Bells :)
Her self-portrait

The mandatory annual rudolph hat and nose from school

Getting a FEW cookies baked, although it's just not our day - three of four batches of dough ended up in the trash. Two things were learned: I can't combine the rest of the ingredients, split the dough, then try to add Jell-O to the cookie mix. ick. I also learned that if a recipe calls for sugar, an egg, and peanut butter, don't substitute Splenda and fake PB. double-ick. Ah, well. At least we look cute.


Annual Daddy/Victoria photo

Every year, Rod helps out with the local Shop with a Cop event. The rare occasion of Rod home and in uniform makes for the perfect opportunity for an annual picture.

Birthday Pics

Well, all the pictures loaded in reverse order, so here's how the night ended...

And here's how it began, despite the fact that for the second year in a row, there was a snow day on Victoria's birthday. Luckily, this year Rod checked the weather and we prepared V for the fact that there might be a snow storm.


Weather Changes

What a difference a few days makes! This was early last week...

And by the end of the week, this is what we were looking at:

Thanksgiving weekend at Jaj & Busha's