What's in Your Heart?

Victoria told me she wanted to write a story ("I'm a good story-writer!") and asked me what she should write about. I told her to write about what's in your heart. Deciphered: Mom, I would like to play my leapster. (the Leapster got taken away for 2 days as punishment for something)

Oh, and she's correcting my enunciation! We were talking and I said "That's silliness!" But apparently didn't separate my words well enough, because she said, "No, mom. Not 'That silliness' - 'THAT'S silliness!'"


Can you read this?

Here's a hint: If you hold it up in the mirror, it'll be easier to read. Yup. She wrote her name as a mirror image (with the exception of the C, which sometimes goes one way or the other anyway!)


Funny Stuff

This is just more for my documenting all the things Victoria says to me that I want to remember, but know I won't unless I write it down somewhere.
Last night, Victoria told me she had a dream last night about bridges breaking. She and I talked about it and I think the bridge portion came from the bridge she saw on Dora yesterday. Here's what she remembered about her dream:

She was sitting by the side of a bridge by herself. A girl came along and she had two bikes - the girl's bike, and V's bike. She started to cross the bridge, but Victoria stopped her and told her to go the other way.

I think that's the first accounting of a "story" she dreamed. Up until now, she's just told me she dreamed about butterflies, or bubbles, etc.

Regarding the fact that she married Serendipity (lovey/bunny/blanket), V told me yesterday that Serendipity's last name changed, and now she has our last name because they got married. And of course, she loves her and she's her best friend!


Budding Artist

Tonight, V decided she needed to draw a monster. When she was done, she informed me it was a Mr. Tickle Monster.


New video

In the car today at a stoplight:

V: Do you use your right blinker to turn left and the left one to turn right?
Me: No. The blinker lets other drivers know that I want to turn. So if I'm going to turn right, I use my right blinker, and if I'm going to turn left I use my left blinker.
V: Do you have a straight blinker for going straight?
Me: No.
V: Why not?
Me: Because it's assumed that if I don't have a turn signal on, I'm going straight.
V: Do you have a turn signal on now?
Me: No.
V: So are you going to go straight?
Me: Yup!

She got mail!



V: 100 is my favorite number!
Me: It is? I didn't know you had a favorite number.
V: Yup. It's 100
Me: What's your favorite shape?
V: I think the coolest shape is..... a crescent! Because it's the shape of the moon.
Me: I see. And what's your favorite day of the week?
V: School day!

Reading the instructions to Uno Spin to make sure we're playing it correctly.


Little Miss Busy

Learning to multitask - playing her leapster and reading her magazine at the same time!
Cutting Feta into cubes to snack on.

Making her own fruit salad.


Leapster Girls

New Look

If you've happened to gaze at our blog at all this evening, you may have noticed a change or two. I realized the ladybug background was no longer working. After a few trials and errors, I think I've settled on a design.