Florida December 2011

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Spirit week-mixed up Monday!

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Story questions and answers

V's handwriting is getting so much better these days! She gets these little mini books and her homework is to answer the questions in complete sentences.

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Storm Damage

We lost probably one of the biggest oak trees on our property the other day in the nasty wind storm that came through.


This week's spelling test

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Reading practice

Nothing like a little "Wimpy Kid" to practice with! V and Moira are more inseparable every time they're together. Like peas and carrots :)

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Letter 'M' words

They had a bonus quiz today to write states that start with 'M' :)

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Two Animals

V thought Jack needed some company :)

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First Spelling Test

The first spelling test came home today. The words (if you can't see them) were: a, I, me, my.

Today also started the first day of riding the bus both to and from school. Yesterday V rode it just home in the afternoon. I'm going to try it out for a week and see how it goes. It will save me about an hour a day but will cost her about two hours of bus time. She gets picked up just after 7am and gets dropped off just around 4pm. That's a long day for this little one. Thankfully they do have rest time at school so she can nap if she needs to. We shall see.

When I picked her up at the bus stop and asked how her day was, her answer: "Superb!" :)

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It's RV time

Our new home away from home is in the driveway!

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Overheard V: "You're the love of my eyes, Jack."

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First Day of School

V had a amazing first day, didn't get sad at all, didn't miss me a bit :)


2011 labor day camping

The first few days were great.

By Monday when it was time to go the grey skies looked a little wintery.

Then by the ride home everyone was exhausted.

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2011 Cop Campout

Lots of fire :)

A few naps...

A few fish...

Early morning swimming...

LOTS of giggles and little girl fun

The puzzle was done by day two!

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Teacher Project

I found a little new teacher project online and V and I tried it out today. It's a Rollo in disguise!

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Turtle Fun

Rod was out doing yard work the other day and called for V to come outside. We were both surprised at what he found! After some research we found out this is a Blanding's Turtle.


The memorial service

Some great photos came from a solemn event.


Lots to catch up on...

Since I got my new computer for Christmas, I seem to be really slacking in the blog post department (and a few other areas, some might argue). Miss V is excelling tremendously in (her third year of) pre-school, and I hope the transition from 5-half-days of school to 5-full-days will be smooth in the fall. We found out she's been accepted to the Gifted & Talented Elementary school in the city, and are extremely excited for all the opportunities she'll get. This month, we added a new puppy to the family, and the past few days, I've compared housebreaking him to having a 9-month old baby that crawls around and puts EVERYTHING in its mouth. But not just that. Now take the diaper off that 9-month-old. Yeah... not much getting done around here except taking him out. A lot.

Here are some pics to catch up what I've missed sharing :-