A scorcher

Another hot day (and the impending new tooth) around here led to an afternoon snack of frozen blueberries. And, incidentally, a dinner of frozen blueberries and yogurt.

It seems even with hand-me-downs from three different people, the one thing we didn't have were warm-weather pj's. Today, I bought Victoria's first nightgown, and wanted to try it on her. I tried to take it off, thinking she was too hot, but was met with fierce resistance.
Our blue-eyed girl - love those eyes!
The new way to wear daddy's sandals... and check out the curls in back! She looks like such a little toddler these days!

Of course now, an hour later and still no sleeping child, the nightgown's off, milk's been had, A/C's turned on, and it's bedtime. Hopefully.


WNBA in her future

Or at least she'd fit right in in the NBA with the way she flops with barely a brush against her arm!!!

Drama Queen

It is what it is...

Latest casualty

Victoria loves dirt... no matter where she can find it. She digs in the ground, in my planters, in my plants in the house.


Nekked time!

I love summer! Did I say that already?!?

How funny

We love love love the warm weather we're having around here!

Victoria was sporting a new fashion statement - hats only!

What a difference - my mom and I had bought this outfit last year for Victoria. The tags say 3-6 months! Obviously it wouldn't have fitted last year... fits now!


'Round Here

Things are changing, but still sort of the same.

Monday I started my job. I've got about a 25 minute drive, but arriving and leaving at odd times (10 and 4) seems to be working pretty well as far as avoiding traffic goes. So far things are going well there. I feel like I'm already making a contribution, and found that everybody there has marketing ideas or questions, and hasn't really had anyone to ask - so I definitely filled a need.

Victoria and I seem to be making an easy transition into our morning routine, though sometimes keeping her awake until 9:30 when we have to leave was proving a bit of a chore this morning.

Rod's party went okay... though we had quite a bit of food and beer left as probably at least 10 people who said they'd show up didn't... such is life, I guess. Stuff happens.



Cheating a little here, but had had had to share this photo. Manna & Katie @ Yellowstone. Just an absolutely perfect picture. Once again I'm reminded of why I was so jealous of this girl in high school!

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Well, I did it. I got a job. It wasn't really planned. I didn't apply for it, wasn't even looking. I had said a while back that if the right opportunity came along I'd take it, and I think it has. I'm starting next monday working part time (M,T,R,F) 10-4 at a construction company doing marketing and some admin work. The job came to me, and I had a hard time saying no. And it's real marketing, not sales! I'm excited, a little nervous, and anxious. I'm starting on a trial basis for a month, then will re-evaluate to see if I like it. The neighbor is going to babysit part of the time, till Rod is up and can go pick Victoria up. We're grateful that we have a neighbor who's close by and who will love and care for her almost the way I would (nobody can be mommy like me, though!)



She's kind of like a wacky party trick!

Still no great ones...

I took tons of pics today, and the tired one just wouldn't smile much for me! We did have fun in the tub with some bubble bath, though.

The best I could get

Sorry for not too many photos lately. It seems getting Victoria to stand still long enough for a decent pic is proving quite difficult these days.

Here's a pic just to tide you over... she's sporting her shirt Uncle Jeff bought for her last year when he was playing in the rocks out West ;)


Splashin' in puddles and Vocab update

I wish I had some pics... I took lots of video today of Victoria's first puddle-jumping experience, and she had a blast. Two outfits, a soaked pair of sneakers, and a few soaked diapers later, she's one exhausted girl.

On a separate note, someone asked how many words Victoria can say these days, and as I was writing out the list, I amazed myself (actually it was a thread on the mommy board I frequent - all babies are the same adjusted age as Victoria). She by far has the most vast vocab of the group. So here's the list, at least what I could remember for the moment:

Our list is getting longer every day:
Olly (our dog)
chicken (tho it sounds like turkey!)
thank you
all done
jaja (polish for grandpa)
eye (can identify nose and ears, but calls them eyes, too)
book (sounds like gook)

She can tell you a cow says "moo", a kitty says "ow", dog says "uf", duck says "kak, kak", and makes a fishy-face for fish, blows out for elephant (or rhino, cuz she thinks it's an elephant), chimp says "ee, ee, ee", bear (and lion) roar.

Not too many signs: please, eat, milk, more, all done, water

That might be it...

I should note, though, that a few of these words would be unintelligible to anyone but Rod and me. But we generally know exactly what she's saying - it's great that we're finally able to communicate on a semi-regular basis.


Big Girl

Victoria looks like such a big girl in her big girl outfit! Notice she's finally getting some hair, too. Though now it tends to be standing straight up since she realized it's there and likes to pull at it just about the time her hands are filthy with food.

She spent this weekend with Grandma Penny and Papa Jim, while Rod and I headed to a Billy Joel concert last night, then went out on the town. Today I got some painting done (walls, not art), and some furniture rearranging - the stuff I can't seem to get done with a little one under foot :) Tomorrow morning my plan is to sleep in.


Walking to save babies

Sunday was the March of Dimes walk in Port Huron. We met up with most of the gang from last year, minus a few, and plus a few others. We had perfect weather, and a great time, and raised over $1,400!