Definitely Growing

I'm finally seeing some major change from week to week. Check it out!

October Madness

Okay. So in the past week, our next doctor's appointment has changed three times.

New date: Wednesday, Oct. 19th with Suki

October 18th Rod gets his wisdom teeth out.
October 20-21st I'll be in Chicago for work!
October 21-23rd mom and I will be in Chicago for fun!!!


A Shower!

And not just outside, either! Thursday, it rained so hard and so fast, I had to take my sandals off, and roll up my pant legs to run out to my car after work! But that's another story.

We have a date, and maybe even a location. Or at least a city.

November 20th! Frankenmuth!

Okay, that's it so far.


The start of something new (a little late)...

I've decided I'd like to keep a blog of this pregnancy. I know - nothing like waiting until I'm halfway through it! I am going to try to add some info from prior dates, and pictures as well. We'll see how it goes!


Monthly OB Appointment

Rod and I had our monthly appointment at Women's Ob/Gyn this morning. This time we met with one of the midwives, Suki. Alina had spoken so highly of her, and the other two midwives, that we thought we'd check her out. Eventually, we'll have to make the decision of whether we'd like an Obstetrician or a midwife to be with us in the delivery room.

So we took the opportunity to really try to get to know Suki, and hear her thoughts on docs vs. midwives. Seems like it all comes down to time... And we've got plenty of that before we have to decide.

We talked about the feelings I'd been having, and whether they were BH or just round ligament pains (like the nurse suggested when I called to ask about them last week). Suki agreed that they were most likely BH, although she said most women don't notice them or feel them until they're 28-30 weeks. I got a short lecture on staying hydrated - I'm to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, and that should help.

Appointment Stats:
Kristin's Blood Pressure: 100/60
Baby's Heartrate: 144 (according to Suki, average range is 120-160)
Height of Fundus: 19cm.
Weight Gained since last appt: 4 lbs. - right on track!

And, as hard as we tried, Suki pretty much told us if we want another ultrasound, we'll probably have to pay for it - that's what I get for having a "perfect" pregnancy so far!

Next appt: Tuesday, Oct. 18th with Mary Jo (midwife)


My thoughts on baby showers...

Today mom and I went to Wendy and Emme's baby shower in Port Huron.

First thought: Baby showers are so much fun! And they know it's a girl, so look at all the cute little outfits, little socks, stuff in pink!

Second thought: Wow, they're getting so many outfits... so much pink...

Third thought: More pink? Dang! I think they maybe got a half-dozen things they actually registered for! (Of course, nothing mom and I got for them was on their registry, either)

Final thought: Maybe I really don't want to know what we're having - or if we do find out, maybe we won't tell anyone until after the shower! I know, beggars can't be choosers, and I should be happy people would want to buy us anything! But still... I think this issue warrants a little more thought.

Not that we'll get a chance to find out what we're having anytime soon...


The Nursery Is One Step Closer!!!

Thanks to all mom's hard work today, the nursery is one step closer to being complete! It took some time, and a lot of painter's tape, but I think the result was well worth it.

Braxton Hicks Contractions?

Well, it was a long day yesterday, filled with shopping with mom for hours, ending in a small birthday party for me at the house. I was on my feet all day. Mom and I got some great maternity outfits for me for work and play. And we had a fun little gathering with Chad, Vicki & Caiden; Dan, Gina & Easton; mom, dad and Jeff.

Last night, though, I felt something throughout the night that was completely different from the muscle pulls and stretches I've been feeling. From what I can find online, they were most likely BH. It felt like someone was just squeezing my uterus! Not in a painful way, just uncomfortable enough to half wake me up. Finally, early Saturday morning, Rod got up, and got me a bottle of water, which helped to stop them.

Guess it's something I'll have to keep an eye on...


Movement!!! I felt movement!!!

Okay, after checking with the gals online, I have confirmed that I definitely felt movement last night!!!

I was laying in bed, on my back, with my hand on my abdomen, and I felt these two little *bump*s against my hand!!! I know they say many first time mom's don't feel movement until they're at least 20 weeks, and I'm only just 16, but it was definitely not indigestion!


More Bloodwork

I had to run in to the lab today to get some blood drawn. We decided in order to be as prepared for this baby as possible, we'd have the Maternal Serum Triple Screen (triple test, for short) done, along with the test for Cystic Fybrosis.

The triple test gives percentages of likeliness that the baby will have a neural tube defect or trisomy problem (ex. Down's Syndrome). The test was initially set up and is required for high-risk patients (moms over 35, dads over 42, family history), but is offered to all patients. There's no doubt in our minds that we would never terminate the pregnancy based on results, and for many couples, that knowledge is enough for them not to get the test. We decided though, in an effort to be prepared, that we'd rather know, so we can read up, find support groups, decide if it makes a difference in my career choices between now and then. We also know because we're not high risk, there's a good chance that the test could come back with a false positive result, in which case, we'd be sent for more testing (non-invasive).

The CF test right now just needs to be done on me, since I'm already giving blood, they may as well take a little more for that. In order for the baby to have problems with CF, both Rod and I would have to be carriers. So we'll test me first - if mine comes back negative, then there's no reason to test Rod.

Now the wait begins... Dr. Jones said it could take up to 6 weeks to get results.