Flash Card Speed Round

I'm just astounded at how quickly Victoria is picking up reading. She absolutely loves it!


Look, Mom!

I'm a toaster! This is where the toaster oven usually resides.... I'm beginning to think Victoria is asking for things that get made in the toaster just so I take it out of the cabinet and she can get in!

The other day (and she actually did say "Look, mom! I'm a toaster!")...


Yard Work, Finally!

Friday Victoria and I were finally able to get some yard work done, as the water had finally mostly disappeared. We fit the sticks in about 1/4 of the front yard into these two trash cans, plus the pile behind V that was all bigger branches. The harsh wind really did a number on our trees this year.

And here's the visual answer to all the people who don't believe we have a squirrel problem... This is how the base of pretty much every one of our big old trees looks.


Day 2 of 3

Probably one more day sometime in the future and the portrait will have some background.

We interrupt this program to bring you the following...

Our Hooked On Phonics endorsement for today. And again, please know we only do this because Victoria loves it - and drags the box around asking to do more!


New Tattoo Day 1 of 2 or 3

Five hours in the books and a lot more to go. The first photo is from a break we took after a few hours. The last two are from the end of the day. So far so good...looking forward to another long day in the chair tomorrow.


Belated St. Patty's day wishes and other random stuff

I actually took a few photos of Victoria on St. Patrick's Day and then completely forgot to post them.

Also - thought her arrangement of blocks was quite interesting. And she was so proud, she had to lay down to be in the photo!


Habitat for all sorts of animals

Our front yard is now being referred to as Lake Victoria 1... it's gone down a little. At one point it threatened to overtake our driveway.

And you can't see too clearly but the wind was pretty rough on our trees this winter. Because the yard is so wet, I haven't been able to clean them up. This is what I call our branch graveyard!
And the back yard houses Lake Victoria 2


One more funny

As we're sitting at a stoplight, with two cars in front of us, the light turns green. Here's what could be heard from V in the back seat:

Green says go!
The light is green - go, cars!

We finally get moving, and she says, "Mom, this is the stoppiest car EVER!"
"Whose car?" I ask, "Theirs or ours?"

Today's funnies

Victoria (putting her fingers through the belt loops in the front of her pants): Look, mom! My pants have pockets for my fingers!
We were driving through town and she was asking me what signs said...
V: What's that one?
Me: Godwin's Furniture
V: Gobwins?
Me: No, Godwins.
V: Gobwins!
Me: Godwins
V: Oh, you're right! God does win!
Me: He does?
V: Yeah!
Me: What does God win?
V: The furniture race!