Canada 06

Just back from our annual vacation to Canada. This year we visited Missanabe, ON again. Dog Lake was good for fishing last year, but not so this year. We had mixed weather and mixed drinks (Duty Free Captain Morgan) to keep us occupied however. It was a fun trip and we certainly enjoyed the time away, especially when it was spent with family. Here are just a couple pics...I'm sure Kristin will update further soon.

Victoria and I on her first ever boat ride. It only lasted a few minutes cause she was a bit cranky.

From left to right, Maly, Mady, and Allison.

Steve showing how pumped he gets when Mike's Golden Earring cover band goes on stage.

Faith giving directions to the boat.


6 month doctor's visit

Victoria and I went to see the pediatrician today for her 6-month appointment/vaccinations. Overall, the visit went fairly well. She only cried for a second after the shots (4 of them!). They tend to make her tired, irritable and not too hungry (it's now 7:30pm and she's in bed for the night).

We've now met 3 of the 4 docs in the group practice.

Today's results:
Weight: 14 pounds, 2 ounces (50th percentile)
Height: 22 inches (75th percentile)
Head circ: 42 centimeters (almost to the 90th percentile!!!) lotsa brains in there!

They're still adjusting the chart based on her adjusted age, so the percentiles are based on an almost 4-month old average, not 6-months.

Other stuff we learned: We can start feeding foods, starting once a day, one new food per week. The doc recommended we start with fruits and veggies (Stage 1 foods) instead of the cereal, as they might be easier for V to digest.

No bug spray (unless all natural or something like Skin so Soft), absolutely nothing with Deet until she's 2 years old.

I was concerned that she was only eating 25-28 ounces/day, but the doc said anywhere between 24-28 is good for a 6-month old. No more than 34, but I don't think that's a problem!

No teeth are showing yet, but V is drooling like a mad woman, and chewing on everything in sight (even in her sleep):

And it's about time for another video: Giggles Galore!!!


Monster Quad

Here is a better pic of my Father's Day present from Kristin and Victoria. All you jealous Dad's feast your eyes on


Some pics

Beautiful in Blue (thanks, Aunt Bo!)

Fun at Gordie & Mary's house with their girls (Ellie, Kenna and Olivia) and their friend Whitney (the oldest/tallest).



thoughts for today

I've spent the last 12 hours remembering how truly lucky we are to have such an amazing miracle for a daughter. Some fellow bloggers are having such a hard time getting/staying pregnant. I guess we each have our own battles to fight... some just seem so much more heartwrenching. Some need prayers, others support. I wish there were a way to prove to them that everything will truly be all right, but I don't have that crystal ball. All I can do is offer my support to them. And hug my beautiful daughter extra tight and appreciate her every cranky scream, remembering there was a time when all we wished she'd do was cry.

We've come so far so fast. On a lighter note, here's the best photo ever of my princess.

Busy weekend!

This weekend we were all busy.

I got to meet Jenny's daughter Ayden.

Victoria came to see me stand up in Nat & Joey's wedding...

She met her other Great-grandpa (R.)...

We got to see Heather and Taten, and Julie and Ryan (and Jack!) and the grandmas...


2nd tri, baby!

The most recent pic of Manna's little one... starting to look like more than a "peanut"!

Just Plugging Along

One day to the next. There isn't too much going on around here these days, just us hanging out. It seems Victoria has even less of a tolerance for warm weather than her daddy. Should make for an interesting summer. Already, she's spending warm days in nothing but a diaper!

We've been doing quite a bit of driving up and down state this past week, and will be doing more this weekend. Last weekend, Victoria and I went to Lexington Fri-Sun. The two of us and my mom bummed around Lex. Friday, playing tourist. Busha bought V this fun new elephant - she absolutely loves it!! He's got long legs and nobby knees (kinda like her uncle Jeff!!!)

When we got back from Lex, we picked up Rod and headed up to Mio. It was Victoria's first trip up there (long overdue) to see Grandma Penny and Grandpa Jim. She also got to see Faith for a little while, and Aunt Pam and Uncle Steven very briefly.

On a side note, if you're ever looking for a bridal shop, I would strongly discourage anyone from going through Victoria's Bridal in Dearborn (unfortunately they do share V's name). We've been battling back and forth on size issues for my bridesmaid dress for Natalie's wedding (which is this weekend!) and they're just not very nice to deal with. I know I've lost some weight, but have never been a size 4 in my life, and the fact that the dress doesn't fit proves it! No matter what, these hips can only shrink so far...

Things we're excited for this summer:
Later this month we get to go fishing in Canada!!!
Next month we get to head to Mackinaw for the family reunion.
August 5th we're having a party, and will be busy showing off the Camaro in the weekend-long Be-Cool classic car show.
ETA: How could I forget Aunt Mandy coming to visit in August?!?