Terrific (and terrible) Toddler-dom

Happy Fall from the pumpkin queen!And from the Hay-bale princess ;-)

V is such a toddler these days, her mind expanding at a rapid pace (I think the fresh fish for dinner helped!)

We were laying in her bed tonight after reading a story, snuggling before I told her goodnight and left the room. She asked if I wanted to hear her song, and then began singing, "You and me are friends to-ever and ever" A tune I've never heard, words that aren't a part of any song I can think of! Then she said, "Did you like my song? It was special, just for you!"

So many things lately are just so great about having a toddler. I love that she knows Jaja and Busha's vehicle, and gets so so so excited to see them pull in the driveway, then runs out the door to greet them. I loved watching her little legs carry her as fast as they could go all the way to their just-opening car doors.

Of course there are the drawbacks to having a child with such a rapidly-developing mind around (she's getting quite opinionated and vocal about what she likes/doesn't like to do, eat, play with, etc.!) But the benefits of watching her grow far outweigh the trying times.

I do love my *job* and am ever so grateful every day that I get to spend so much time with my beautiful daughter.

We finally got our web-cam up and running, so now we can chat with Jeff& Marie and the girls, and anyone else who has a webcam!


Delayed pics

When I got up the morning of my birthday, this is what I found in the living room...

Of course the pile of balloons didn't last long!

One of my new favorite hand-me-down outfits!

Playing with "My friend, worm" as Victoria calls it. She didn't want to put the poor thing down!


Happy 30th Birtday !!

Today is Kristin's 30th Birthday. We will be celebrating next month with a nice trip to Las Vegas. Please take a second and leave a nice comment for Kristin. I know many of you check the blog, but do not leave comments....please do this time.

Kristin and I have been together for over 10 years. She has been with me for the most rewarding experiences in my life. Kristin is everything I could have wished for. If my daughter turns out to be EXACTLY like my wife, then I will know that we have done our job. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife! I love you!


Oh, The Humanity!

The mood swings of an emotional toddler girl are in full swing...

Other recent funnies:

During one of her little crying spells (such as the one above), Rod told her she was being a drama queen and in her most serious, distraught voice, Victoria said, "I'm not a queen, (sniff, sniff) I'm a princess!"

I put a pair of 3T jeans on her last night to see how they'd fit (side note: they're just about the right length, but even with waist adjusted the still slide down). She came up to me pulling at her pantlegs and told me, "I need my sleeves pushed up. Too long!"

New video

And new hand-me-downs equals fun outfits!