Take me out to the ballgame

We had a great Father's Day yesterday! The three of us decided to take a little trip to watch the Detroit Tigers play. It was the first time Victoria had been to Comerica Park, or to an MLB game. For the most part, she had a blast (other than her inability to sit still for more than 30 seconds at a time). But man, was it HOT!

Bonus: Sundays are kids days, so V got a Charlie Brown bobblehead and a free backpack!



V: Mom, I have a very interesting question for you.
Me: Okay
V: Why is it that every time Jaj and Busha come over, we have to move the swingset?

Crazy the things she correlates! It just happened that twice, Rod cut the lawn the day before (or same day as) a visit from Jaj and Busha, where he's moved the swingset and I've had someone help me move it back!


Visit with some cousins

Busha, Kasia, Moira, and Ella made the trek over today. The girls spent all day outside, and had a blast.

They were all wiped out after dinner.
I had just enough time to grab the camera for this quick shot!


I know, I know

Hopefully this will be the last layout overhaul for a while. The layout I had chosen didn't allow me to add the links to other blogs, and I found out I was missing out on lots. So the links are back. I'm also going to try to get better about updating posts more frequently, since not all viewers are FB-ers :)


Goings on.

My garden is growing, and I'm learning a few things. One: Don't plant so many plants in one area. Two: put some sort of cage around the tomatoes so the stems don't snap when it rains. Hmmm.. that's all I can think of for now.

I finally completed the mommy-and-me apron set! So for the cost of a borrowed serger, loaned thread, a loaned sewing machine ($0 so far - thanks, mom!) and a $5 set of fat quarters from Wally-world, Victoria and I have matching aprons :)


Fun and warm weekend

We got to take Jaj and Busha's new camper for a test-run over Memorial weekend, and had a blast camping. However, I forgot to actually get the camera out much, other than one day at the beach.