Short Reunion

Today Victoria and I had to head over to the hospital to get her last RSV vaccination for the season. We ran into a former roommate of hers - McKenzie. McKenzie and Logan were in the same nursery for a while with us in the NICU. Rod and I saw their parents, Amanda and Bill, quite frequently in the family room, at the scrubbing station, and in neighboring rocking chairs in the nursery. The twins were born the day after Victoria was born, and were the same gestation. Logan went home two weeks before Victoria, McKenzie finally got to go home a day or two after we did. They're both doing well, but just as he was bigger in the NICU, Logan's still bigger - close to 10 lbs, and McKenzie is 8-6! She seemed so tiny next to Victoria. It was nice to see both her and her mom doing well.

So... that means Victoria got weighed today.

Ready for the number????

11 pounds, 1 ounce!
That's right, folks! She gained 10 ounces in a week!!!! Such a porker!


Happy baby (still!)

Well, I didn't want to speak too soon, but it looks like the trip to West Virginia was good in more ways than one. Since we got back, Victoria has been sleeping 10 hours solid through the night. Typically she's in bed by 8 and asleep until 6 or so! I'm hoping this trend continues... it's nice to get some solid hours of sleep at night, for both of us!

We've been out a little to meet some new people this week, too. Victoria met Scott, Colleen, Chase and Mac on Sunday, Gordie, Mary, Ellie, Kenna, and Olivia on Monday, and the Morley gang yesterday. What a week!

And now for some cute pics!

And our new bouncy seat:


Monster Baby!

Victoria had her 4-month checkup at the doctor's office today, which included (sniff ) 4 shots. That part was not fun. But almost as soon as they were done, she stopped crying. I teared up, but didn't shed a drop!

The great news? She's in the 75th percentile for weight, length, and head size! New stats:
length: 22 inches
weight: 10 pounds, 7 ounces
head: 38.8 cm

Right on track! Everything else checked out great. We don't go back for 2 more months.

Another pic from Easter weekend:


Four Generations

Just back from a few days in Alderson, WV. Victoria was able to meet her Great Grandfather, Jack. We all had a great time and enjoyed the 75 degree weather. Here are some pics...


We all survived this one

Yesterday was Victoria's first experience with a baby sitter... no family, just her and Charee (and one of Charee's daughters). Rod and I - and all the grandparents (hence the need for a babysitter) - went to a fundraiser we've all been attending for the past few years. The Wild Game Dinner raises money for a scholarship fund for children and grandchildren of local police officers. I only called home once to check on how miss V was doing, and she did well. Charee (our neighbor - the one with 5 kids) just loved watching her, and from what I gathered, hardly put her down the whole time!

And Victoria did of course get to visit with the grandparents a little bit before we all left.


Getting ready for the Wild Game Dinner

Victoria wants to go, too! She's already got a taste for rabbit...

How we spend our days

'nuff said.


Health Update

The good news: Victoria seems to somehow have avoided catching whatever it is we've had so far. Yay for that!

The not-so-great news: After 2 rounds of antibiotics, I'm still not better. In fact, I'm off to get a chest x-ray today, then probably back to the doctor's. Apparently I gave Victoria my immune system, since I seem to not have one anymore! But that's okay by me - she needs it!

Below: our first trial with a pair of shoes. I got just one picture taken before one came flying off. They're still a little too big.