Low energy girl

Victoria got to go to school this morning, but came home a little early. She was running in the gym, and of course went into a major coughing fit, so she and her teacher decided she should come home. She asked me numerous times today if we could go on a bike ride (it's raining and really windy here today). After the last time about 5:30 this evening when she threw a fit because she couldn't go outside, I found her like this 5 minutes later.

We also had one of her follow up appointments this afternoon. Luckily for us, the doctor she saw in the ER on Saturday (Dr. Kris) is one of the partners at V's pediatrician. I learned why she has to have another Xray in a month to make sure the pneumonia is gone. Apparently there *might* have been an enlarged lymph node in her lung that they want to check on. I also found out the pneumonia was probably worse than I was led to believe. When we were in the ER, I forgot to ask Dr. Kris how bad it was (assuming it wasn't too bad, as she couldn't hear anything, and upon asking the nurse, she said if it was too bad, they'd have admitted her.) We saw Dr. S today (same one we saw on Friday), and she said she could now hear some noise in her lungs, and upon discussing the situation with Dr. Kris, I was told that V's x-ray looked like it had come from a totally different kid (that she would never have believed she couldn't hear anything when it was that bad).

So, doc's appt next Thursday to make sure V's getting better, then X-ray in a month. Fun stuff.


Sickie :(

This morning, Victoria woke up with a 102 fever that couldn't be tamed with tylenol or motrin. She spent the morning on the couch, and had to miss her first school field trip to the local fire station. Victoria didn't want to do anything this morning - she said walking hurt her legs and her whole body felt funny. She just pretty much stayed on the couch and cried because she didn't feel right, till she passed out.

After her second nap on the couch, she woke up soaked and asking for ice cream. Hopefully it's on its way out, but we'll still head to the doc this afternoon just to be sure. After the ice cream, she's a new girl.


What's the haps?

Some more great one-liners:

One nation, under God, congratulations to all.

I wanna watch "Humfalump Hears a Who!"

On another note, per her teacher's suggestion, Victoria and I are trying out a different system of rewards and punishments. This has come about for a variety of reasons. Her two favorite things are her new bike and school. The bike's already been taken away for a week, and if we kept her from school, we feel like we'd be sending the wrong message (tho she LOVES it). As Miss Michelle put it, "That's what you have to deal with when you have a child with the mind of an 8-year-old and the emotions of a not-even-4 year old."

The new system? Good Behavior Tickets. I created tickets (simply 8-per-page layout), cut them apart, and explained them to V. For every good thing she does (doing something after I ask ONLY ONCE, eating all her food, helping around the house), she earns a ticket. When she gets in trouble, a ticket gets taken away. Ticket may be redeemed for a bike ride, a cartoon, or a treat. Day 1 went pretty well, and she told me as she was getting ready for bed that she wants to get 5 tickets tomorrow - setting goals!


Dead Buell...Alive Rod

As many of you may know, I wrecked. Nothing serious, but enough to total out my bike. Today was a sad day for me...not here to witness, but Kristin took photos of my bike being taken away by the auction company. Possibly the end of my riding days...


Today's One-Liner's

We were on our way into Kroger today, and V told me, "I love Meijer, it's my favorite store!" I said, we're not going in Meijer, we're going in Kroger. She said, "I know, but Meijer is my favorite because that's how God made me!"

Back home when we were unpacking the groceries, I hollered from the driveway thru the screen door to her to put her sunglasses away. I heard from inside: "Aye, Aye, Captain!!!"


Camping trip 2

Just a few photos from our Labor Day Camping trip. We had a blast!


Vacay 1 of 2

Last weekend was camping trip 1 of 2 before school starts back up. Here are a few pics from the fun times!

Rod versus the kids...