Thankfully Victoria seems to have gotten Rod's athletic abilities. She loves playing kick ball, can hold a ball with one hand and hit it with a "bat" (really a plastic bowling pin) with the other, and daddy's teaching her the basics of basketball. In this one, she's practicing what he taught her. As she told me, feet facing the basket (or shoot, as she calls it), and bend your knees!


What's going on

When we were up north last weekend, Stefan's dad lit off some small fireworks. Note the hair - not bad for day two of the braids!

Elisabeth turned 4 on Monday, and we were invited over for a small party. Elisabeth is in the middle, V on the right, and Elisabeth's friend Katelyn (who will be 4 in February) is on the left.

We met Lauren and Elisabeth at the zoo yesterday, and were just heading out when the downpours began - perfect timing! The morning was beautiful, tho a little chilly.

On the way home from the zoo, in the rain, we were talking about stopping to get some produce from our neighbor. I told V to look for the farmer in the red truck. She repeated it back to me, then said, "I don't think so, mom. That's not right." When I asked her to clarify, she said, "Not the farmer in the red truck it's the Farmer in the Dell!"



Just a pic, showing how much V loves veggies (today it was cauliflower), and hummus, of course! This girl is going to smell like garlic all the time!


Peas, trees and V

Though it was a little chilly the other day, and D didn't sleep too much, V and I still got a little time outside. We got some bricks that Rod started putting around the base of a few of the trees, and I found V over there like this (on a side note, she's now reading as fast as I type, sitting next to me):

Be sure to check out the video, as it will explain the toothy grin by the tree :)

And we have edible peas on the vine! The only downside is that there were a handful we got yesterday, but now V wants to check today to see if more grew overnight. Still working on timelines and patience.