A cold walk in the park

But for a good cause, for sure. Rod, Victoria and I, along with Grandma Penny, her friend Maria, Jaja and Busha, participated in the March of Dimes Walk for Babies this morning. In sharp contrast to the 70 and 80 degree weather we enjoyed for the past week, this morning was 47 degrees, and the wind was blowing hard! Despite the less than ideal weather conditions, we trudged on... the first two miles with the wind, the second half coming back straight into the wind.

But it was for a more-than-worthy cause, and together our team raised over $2,400!!! What an amazing feeling.

Some Videos

Bubbles! Awesome!

A Flower!


Fun Times!

Aunt Marie daringly made the voyage up to our house with all 3 kiddos in tow. The twins and Victoria had fun playing together.

You can kind of see that Uncle Jeff got a little label-happy with the girls... they have labels on their backs that say "This One" and "That One"!

Ella just kind of watched happily!

And some video...


Spoiled Rotten

Can you fit a bug guard on that with "Spoiled Rotten" on it? Maybe Jim saved the old one from your Blazer....


Get Out Your Seat And Jump Around

First decent day of the year, so we finally opened the Christmas gift from Grandma Penny and Papa Jim. I couldn't get her off...


Slacking Again

Okay, okay. So I know I'm slacking again! I just haven't taken the camera out much lately to take any pictures of Victoria. But we got a few today, so here you go...

On a side note, I got a sneak peek at the proofs from the photo session and V was AMAZING!!! Can't wait to get the digital images so I can share!