Quick Updates...

Many of you know...Kristin had surgery on Wednesday and is doing well. The surgery was a private matter that a lot of people know about. If you are curious/nosy then ask her and I'm sure she will let you in. Anyway, the stay at the hospital was a bit longer than we expected due to some nausea from the anesthesia. She is now doing well and is quite sore. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better. Victoria is spending a few days with Bruce and Karen...and yes, those are Dora underwear on her head.

Also, some of you may not know about the ability to leave messages on our blog (Dad). It is really easy. Just look below this post on the right where is says "comments". Click the link and you can leave a message by following the instructions. If you are not registered you can still leave a message as anonymous. However, please write your name at the bottom or we will not know who you are. We read and appreciate all comments.


Learning fun

Victoria's counting skills have been taken up a notch, on her own. She can count to 20 now (tho she misses 19 sometimes) and started counting in Spanish the other day! Of course, that usually goes something like this, "uno, dos, clays, ocho, cinco, ses" Thanks to Dora, Manny, and Diego for that one!

She's also learning sounds words make, thanks in part to the fridge alphabet, "S says ssss".

On the flipside, tantrums are in full force. As is "NO!" (her new fave phrase anytime we tell her to do something, or not do something). And time outs are getting more frequent, too.