Interesting Combination

Just like Daddy.....Need wings to dunk!


Can't wait to get the pics!

Victoria and I went to meet up with Nat and Rowley and Jen and Ayden. We had a professional photographer for the afternoon, so got some great pics of the three girls. Here's a little preview - just a few shots Busha got by standing off to the side. :) She was a perfect angel for the photographer - did just what she asked of her. I stayed out of the way (I think I'd have made things worse if I tried to get involved :) ).


Culinary Dreams - Fixed!!!

V is always watching us make dinner. And of course, she is always watching some of our favorite shows i.e. F Word, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Rachel Ray, No Reservations etc... All cooking shows. So we picked up a little toy for V with some of Grandpa Russ' belated Christmas gift card. The various food items are stuck together with Velcro, which you can then cut with a plastic knife and cutting board. Sometimes she is successful....


Funny Video

Every night, after bathtime, it's naked baby time... sometimes it's the best time to catch V at her finest! (Partial nudity - only because I put undies on her for the video's sake!)

Model in training?

Getting better today

Victoria's energy level is on the way back up today... still at about 60%, but definitely better.

Oh - I got a ponytail in her hair very briefly the other day!


Sick (again!)

Well, Victoria has been to the doctor twice in the past two days. Yesterday began at about 4am with a lot more coughing than usual, then transitioned into throwing up all over a couple times in the morning. Yesterday, the doc thought it was just the drainage in her head that was causing the coughing and vomiting. Last night the cough progressed into a fever, chills, and more coughing. After a rough night of coughing (but sleeping 13 and a half hours), today I was met with a lethargic child who wanted to do nothing but lay in my lap, or lay on the floor. Back to the doctor, flu swab came back negative, chest x-ray came back clear. So, we're sticking with the ammoxicillin. If she's still the same on Friday, she'll get blood drawn to check for mono. After a two and a half hour nap this afternoon, she seems to be perking up a little.


I can do it... I don't need help!

Or so she thinks! This is an example of the result of a toddler who wants to dress (or undress) herself!


March of Dimes Walk for Babies

We just signed up for the Bay City walk to support the March of Dimes. By checking this blog, you already know why the March of Dimes is so important to us. Please visit our page and join the team to raise money and walk, or just donate some hard earned cash.

New Dress

Two cuties on a couch

Kristin has been slacking on updating the blog... I think you all should leave motivating comments for her to update quicker! Anyway, the second pic is Ella, our niece. When I took this photo she smiled upon request. Destined to be a model I guess.