Circle of Life

Foxy was our first "kid". Kristin and I got her in 1999 and she was the best dog a family could ask for. Due to some medical problems, Foxy was having a rough time getting around. We knew this day would come... We knew it would be this hard...

Foxy, We Love You. You will always be our princess.

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Basket of Laughs

Every now and then Victoria gets the giggles....

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Gosh, we're cute!

Hangin' Out

No, she didn't climb in here herself, but she tries!


Three of a Kind

We finally made it up to Mio to visit Victoria's new cousin, Chloe. It seems that, on both sides of our family, boys are outlawed. Kristin and Rod-1, Steven and Pam-2, Steve and Brena-3, Jeff and Marie-2. If they were boys we would have U of M's starting football squad in a few years. Guess we will just have to settle for UCONN and the WNBA!



Didn't take long to get some great photographs of our two beautiful neices.

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Welcome, Baby!!!

It's official! Little baby Chloe was born yesterday morning weighing in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces. She remained nameless for a day, but I've been told she's now going by Chloe. Another niece. No nephews!!! Congrats, Steven & Pam!

And Chloe with big sister, Faith!

On a side note, Victoria cut another tooth this past few days... so that makes 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top!!! It just doesn't slow her down tho! Here's a little video from this morning - how excited Victoria got when I told her she has a new cousin!


Making an appearance

Victoria finally cut that other front tooth. Although she also cut another one on top at the same time. Seems she's determined that she should always have an odd number of teeth on top - so now she's got 3 on top and 2 on the bottom. And though it might wear her down enough that it's 7pm and she's already in bed for the night, it doesn't slow her down much during the day!

First Steps!

Victoria ventured out on her own and took her first steps yesterday! And not just once, but a few times. Of course, we don't have any video, because we weren't at home when it happened, we were at Jeff & Melinda's house (and the house of a future suitor, Evan). We'll try to get video the next time it happens.


Curiousity turns into frustration sometimes

There are times when Victoria's ability/need to explore sometimes turns into frustration. But it's so amazing to see her learn to work through something. In the past few weeks she's learned that she can crawl under things - legs propped up on a coffee table, bars under a table or in this case, the hutch. She crawled under there to get her ball, but couldn't quite figure out how to get back out. Click here for the video!

Oh - and here's the pic of the day. V can stand if you set her somewhere, but still hasn't ventured to take those steps on her own yet.


Box of Joy

It appears that Victoria is now sicker than she has ever been. A visit to the doctor yesterday and some medicine hopefully will turn that around. In the meantime, the sickness hasn't slowed her down any. Victoria is as curious as ever. She has learned that the paths in our house have a basic "B" shape and she spends a lot of her time crawling around the entire downstairs.


2 sickies and a toughie

Well, it looks like I'm getting over my strep throat (it just wouldn't be a winter around here if I didn't get it at least once) just in time to take care of a sick little one-year-old. I'm planning on taking her to the pediatrician tomorrow if they can get me in. Of course by the time I decided I should call them (4:27pm) their office is done taking phone calls for the day (supposedly till 4:30 but obviously not). We had a rough night last night, have had a rough day today. For the first time I've really had to let V cry it out to get to sleep. Last night (going to bed), the middle of the night, and today for any naps, she refuses to sleep unless held. I got her back to sleep numerous times last night only to have her wake up screaming as soon as I tried to lay her down. The only way she'd get any decent sleep was to cry herself asleep. Hard to handle for all of us. So... we shall see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully some relief for us all.

Rod, my favorite tough-man, has again avoided the sickness I seem so prone to.