First Spring Rain

V finally got to use her new umbrella and rain boots! However, according to her, it's not a very good day for an outside picnic.


Second room... done!

V's old nursery/room... two days and two coats of really good paint covered what took much longer (for Rod and my mom, anyway!) before Victoria was born.

After four straight hours today of moving furniture, re-arranging, cleaning, and purging today, it's now the new guest room/my craft room!

And here are a few more pictures of her (mostly) finished room.


Spring Weather... briefly

Well, it's snowing. It's been snowing since we got up this morning. BUT... the ground warmed up enough the past few days that not much has accumulated. We got spoiled with a few mid-60s days where the windows and doors were open and the house was filled with the sounds and smells of spring.

I got Victoria's room almost completed yesterday. Now we just have to wait until she's earned the right to move in. Hopefully that doesn't take too long. We've got a severe lack of sleep to catch up on, though, and it's really affecting attitudes around here. I was trying to figure out bed placement. Can't move the bed yet, though. I may just have to start with clothes. There's no rule that says she has to sleep in the same room where all her clothes are, right?


The new digs

We're moving Victoria out of the smaller room into the one I figured she'd want eventually. It needed to be painted, and I can't be simple about anything.

Here were the pieces that started the color inspiration for the room.

After the base came measuring, measuring, measuring, chalking, and taping.

My first unsuccessful paint attempt. I didn't like the way the sponged diamonds didn't have clean lines.

Of course, I didn't decide I wanted to change until I'd started taping off for stage 2.

Change of plans, orange and yellow argyle. However after letting the yellow dry, I decided I didn't like that, either.

So, back to the paint store today to get a mandarin orange somewhere between the yellow and the dark orange I already had. Hopefully I'll be able to tape off the lines to complete the argyle pattern tomorrow, and maybe even finish it off!

Fun and family