So Far, So Good!

Well, Victoria has spent two nights in her big girl bed (she was at Jaja and Busha's house this weekend so we missed a few days), but so far so good. Rod and I have talked quite a bit with V about staying in her bed all night until Mom comes and gets her in the morning and so far it's worked. Today will be the first naptime in the big girl bed, which I suspect might pose a little more of an issue for Victoria, as it usually takes her a little longer to wind down at naptime, but we'll work through it.

Victoria is loving anything that makes her feel like a big girl. She's pretty much only wearing a diaper/pull-up at nap time and at night, and on long-ish road trips, and for the most part she's continuing to stay dry. She's gotten really good at actually telling us when she needs to go potty. Our secret? M&M's (must've gotten the M&M bug from Grandma Penny!)! We tried stickers, which kind of worked for a little while, but lost their novelty quickly, and we just ended up with stickers stuck on things and in the carpet all over the house.

For those of you contemplating or struggling with potty-training, let me know if you want the specifics and we'll be glad to share. I'm just glad I found something that works!


The Big Girl Bed

Lots of changes around here in the past few weeks. We have finally gotten away from the high chair and tonight is the first night in the big girl bed. This bed was passed on to me from my grandfather Jack Feamster and was made by his father Clyde. So happy to have this bed, and be able to pass it on to another generation. Enjoy the pic.... Rod.


12 hours later...

Here's what our kitchen looked like this morning (Thursday morning, as I'm posting this at 1AM!) after all the prep-work we did yesterday (Wednesday) - taping, moving, etc:

Here's our little helper in action (I let her loose where the stove goes!):

And here's the final result, complete with hand-scrubbed floors. 12 hours of painting and cleaning and our kitchen is probably the cleanest it's ever been. And, yes, it confirmed that I really indeed do hate to clean!

And I say Farewell to yet three more tan walls, just a personal mission of mine :D


New Toy!

We went shopping at a few second-hand stores the other day, and this was Victoria's find...


Portraits in the Park

I (Rod) am in the process of taking tons of photos....one of which will hopefully be used in my next tattoo. I have spoken with the most talented portrait tattoo artist I have ever seen (Tom Renshaw). He said, "Take a s@&tload of pictures and send them to me. I will find one that works." I have seen his work, and I trust his opinion. If you would like to see some of his latest ink, go here ---> Tom Renshaw

These are some of the recent photos I have taken in Lexington today. Enjoy



Okay, this one has nothing to do with the family or Victoria, it's all about me. I need honest feedback on the new specs. I have two months to change my mind on them. I just can't decide if I like them or not, so I'm asking what you all think.

Honest opinions, please! If you hate 'em, tell me! If you love 'em, tell me that, too!


4th Fun

Victoria and I had some new friends over for a girl's night in on the 4th (since Rod was working mucho overtime, of course).

Before they got to our house, V helped me make some fresh guacamole.

The girls decided they were going for a walk... (click on the picture to see it larger if you can't see them ).
They got all the way to the end of the driveway before we had to lure them back with food!


Some things never change

Last year...

This year...
nevermind the "baby's first thanksgiving"