Memorial Day Fun

Victoria got to spend the weekend hanging out with some of her cousins - this was at the parade Monday.


Another fun day...

But definitely a cooler day! After talking about it for three years, Holly and I finally got our girls together. They had a blast playing at the park. We had a picnic, played with bubbles, then played on the playground. BTW, the swimming pool pictures were from yesterday, when it was warm enough not to be all bundled up!

The Fun in the Sun Has Begun!

I picked this pool up at BigLots yesterday for $30 - not bad!!!


Pretty pretty

I think I've only polished Victoria's toes one time - maybe two. And I've never done her fingernails. Until now!


A little picnic

...and a cute new dress :-)


Thoughts and Prayers Request

Dan and Gina desperately need your thoughts and prayers. Here's a link to their blog. We don't know any more than what is written there.

A perfect Mother's Day

I had a great, relaxing day yesterday. Victoria and I wandered around the condo a little, and spent probably a half hour just sitting by the little inlet behind the condo looking at fish, tadpoles, dragonflies, and birds.

Then we went down to the beach in Fort Lauderdale and it was probably the busiest I've ever seen it! It's got a great sandbar there, though, so Victoria had a great time jumping waves... getting braver as time went on.

And just a few photos of the one who makes me so grateful to be a mom... (I think she looks so much like cousin Faith in this first one!)

Fun times at the waterpark

We took V to a local park that has a kid's water park. The whole thing was only a foot or two deep, so Victoria could run around everywhere. We all had fun.


Not just a noodle

Victoria's imagination was in full force today in the pool. One of the nice older ladies down at the pool loaned Victoria her noodle. It of course served that function, but was also...

A fishing pole

A horse

And a flute (but she wouldn't let me take that picture!)

And here's a fun video of how well she's doing in the pool.


I figured V could spend a little time doing homework while we're gone. Officially, her homework was to find a cool seashell to bring to school for show and tell. But (mean mommy that I am) I brought some of the new H.O.P. workbooks we got to do some practice.


Florida Times

Yesterday we went to a cheesy Everglade place. The airboat tour was not as good as the Billie's Swamp Safari we did a few years ago with Rich and Cyndi. However, Kristin did kiss a toad, so I guess it was worth the 34 bucks.