Victoria got to watch a toon, and I got to play with hair!


Dad's Christmas Present Finally Done and Hung

Finally got the picture hung that Kristin got me for Christmas. It was originally going to be my next tattoo, but was talked out of it by the artist. So, Kristin had it draw up for me for Christmas. Finally got it in a nice frame and is now hanging in the kitchen.


Reading with Papa

This was taken a few weeks ago...forgot to post it.

10 Degree Lap Around The Yard

It was under 10 degrees outside, however she lasted longer than I thought she would. About 10 laps until she was dumped head first into the snow. That sparked a quick trip inside to pass the crying child off to mommy.


Fancy Schmancy

V in one of those convertible tube scarves at Jaja & Busha's!


Today's funny

V playing with her blocks, dumps the dump truck and all the blocks out...

Me: You dumped 'em!
V: I'm not a dum-dum. Olly's a dum-dum!
Me: Not dum-dum, dumped them!
V: Oh. But Olly is a dum-dum, right?


Also, at her well-check last month Victoria's doctor heard a heart murmur. They were pretty sure it was nothing to be concerned with, but sent us to a Peds. Cardiologist just to be sure. We had that appointment this morning and everything is a-okay. The odd thing for me was that the receptionist was someone I remembered from my trip to the ER (she used to work there) and the nurse was one who worked (and still works) in the NICU, who remembered us! Small, small world. The doctor listened, looked at some monitors and charts, and did say he heard a noticeable murmur. We went into another room for an ultrasound-style EKG (I guess, that's what they described it to me as) complete with u/s wand and warm jelly on V's chest. She was good, even though it was a little tough for her to remember to keep still, lay on her side and keep her hand up by her head while he was doing the EKG.

He said he didn't see anything that was any cause for concern and that it's what he considered benign and no follow up was needed. I wasn't too worried, I had a pretty calm feeling about the whole thing for the most part (with the exception of a brief moment of apprehension between the time that he finished the EKG and when he spoke!)


Chatting on the phone

A glimpse of what the teenage years are going to be like...

Just pics