Hot Days, Fun Times!

Victoria having fun with her new sprinkler...
(having some technical difficulties with this one, check back soon)

And I'm thinking we should nickname her Forest (as in, "Run, Forest, Run!")


Summer already?!?

It seems we pretty much skipped spring and went full into summer around here. I think my lillies are the only ones around that haven't even bloomed yet. For that matter, nothing in our yard has bloomed! That may have more to do with lots of shade than anything else, though.

Here's how our days have been spent:

Playing in (and cleaning!) the pool on the deck...
Playing with the patterns on the floor.

Just lookin' cute and havin' fun!


Slowly getting better

Victoria's demeanor seems to be improving, though she's still coughing and stuffy.

Here she is in an outfit Busha bought for her months ago. It's a 2T and supposed to be capris!

She is growing, though. Many of her 2T and 24 month outfits don't fit anymore, which is good news for Kasia and Moira, I think!


Quick Update

I took Victoria to her regular pediatrician this morning just as a follow up to make sure everything was okay. Her cough is still not sounding very good, a little 'barky' still. But the nurse practitioner said it's completely normal, and that croup takes 4-5 days to run its course normally. She did listen to Victoria's lungs to make sure it hasn't gone into her chest, and luckily it hasn't. She's still cranky, her throat is still swollen and irritated, which means she's not really inclined to eat much of anything (except Jello with fruit!).

Today brought beautiful weather - 83 degrees, low humidity, and sunny. Being outside helped both of us to cope with the attitude that comes along with a sick 2-year-old. :-)