Possibly the best laugh I've ever heard

I just happened upon this video on youtube, and can't get enough of it!!!


New video from the weekend

I'm thinking she was playing Ring around the rosy by herself in the bouncy house! Yes, that's chocolate all over her face - from one little chocolate chip!

What a weekend!

This weekend was Stefan & Janet's annual White Trash Bash up in Gaylord. Basically, an excuse for everyone to camp out and drink for a few days, grill out, let the kids and dogs run wild, etc.

We learned that our daughter's reach is a *tad* further than we anticipated... We put her down for a nap in her P'n'p in the camper on the floor, next to the table. It was next to the gas stove, so we just turned the gas off, just in case she decided to play with the knobs. We thought we moved everything back far enough on the table.

Scroll down to see the result.

Ready? You won't believe it!

Dress off, wide awake, and apparently hungry! That's what was left of a half bag of BBQ chips, and a bag of hot dog buns!



Thought I'd share a few photos of Victoria in various hats (or makeshift hats!) from the vacation.


On the subject of teeth...

For the record, let me just say that this cutting molar business is NOT fun. For Victoria, it's meant a drop in milk consumption (from around 3 sippie cups a day to about 1, if we're lucky), and an overall crankybutt. The top right and bottom left molars are mostly through, and the top left is now starting to make an appearance. Unfortunately, they're not fast in coming through, either - about a week a piece before they're finally all the way through the gum. But between the teeth and the hair finally getting thicker, Victoria is looking more and more like a toddler and less like a baby. Knock on wood, but one positive thing is that it doesn't seem to affect her sleep much, she's still pretty much a two-nap-a-day girl (Ex: last night she went to bed a little late, around 9:30, but slept in until 8:00 this morning, took a nap from 10 until 12, fell asleep for about 10 minutes in the car at around 3, wouldn't go down for a second nap, so was in bed for the night at 7:30.) I really hope saying something about it doesn't jinx our good sleeper!

We're Back!

We just got back from a week-long camping trip in Canada. I'll refrain from calling it a fishing trip, as I believe the actual *catching* of fish is required for that to apply. As the customs agent put it when we came back across the border, we brought back frustration and bug bites (and a few bumps & bruises, as you can see by Victoria's face!) This was our annual trip (with Rod's mom & stepdad, stepbrother and his family, and my parents), and despite the crummy 'fishing', we had a good time, and a break from the fast pace of civilization.

Some photos from the trip:

What's a bear say? 'Round these parts, they say, "Mmmm... trash!" The bears were around... we'd been told they had been getting closer and closer to the camping sites, as we were about a mile from the garbage dump site. These pics were taken out the window of the truck. We saw as many as eight at one time.

Teaching daddy something about nature, I'm sure!

Helping with the trailer.


Words and Sentences

Victoria's getting so much better with words and sentences. She's trying hard to repeat what we're telling her. Big words she tries include: blueberries, ravioli (see video), tomorrow, and even a sentence here and there (ex: "Bye, guys! See you!" - see other video!)


The new wheels...

ETA: replacing the old wheels (the Camaro). So if you know anyone interested in a '68 Camaro, send 'em our way!


Nothin' much goin' on

We haven't updated in a while because there's really not a whole lot going on. Victoria's still struggling to cut her molars. It's not fun. We will be changing daycare next week. Charee got a job. Now, Mary (the wife of one of the guys Rod works with) will be our new sitter, as long as Victoria doesn't drive them all crazy. She has three young girls, and they're all excited to get to play together.

And now the obligatory photos:

She gives the greatest looks sometimes!

Just being a busy-body out on the deck.



More teeth, that is. Molars number 2 and 3 are making their appearance this week. I noticed the 2nd one yesterday - bottom right. This afternoon, I felt the top right one just peeking through. Seems not even frozen blueberries are helping these two. Though for the most part, she's taking it pretty well.

Here are some new videos:

This is a new toy we found at a garage sale for $3!! Jaj still has to operate a little on it to get the noise going, but the lights work. Either way, she loves it! She heard the train outside about halfway thru the video, too.

Nothin' like dancing to the abc song! Notice she anticipates when I get close to "s" and "v" and she starts making the sounds.

We welcome Abby to the club!

The NICU Grad club, that is! If you get a chance, stop by & congratulate Kris & Bry ~ they're bringing Abby home from the NICU today to be with her sister Grace! YAY!