A half-full table

Well, we were supposed to have my parents, Marie and her three girls and us for Thanskgiving. At the last minute we were able to convince Rod's mom and Jim to come down, which was wonderful having them there. It made the table not-so-empty being that Marie and the clan ended up in the ER

We had enough food to feed an army, and the only thing that got forgotten was the veggies - darn!

Apples & Peanut Butter or...

It's a good thing Victoria and I are the only two eating out of that container!

And just some typical mom/daughter conversations. We're getting better with the "presents" concept. The other day she told the dental assistant at the dentist's office that she wanted new toothbrushes for Christmas!


Happy Thanksgiving!

This is why we are thankful! Enjoy your turkey.


Singing songs

Victoria has hit the stage where she sings a song about EVERYTHING...

"I'm helping mom do the dishes..."

She's singing songs that she learned at preschool all the time, but of course as soon as I get the camera out, she forgets the words.

Here's her singing the tune to her favorite, favorite, favorite show.

Plays well with self?

Self explanatory.

First attempt at braids

They look a little funny, as Victoria's hair is thick, but not very long. They sort of stick straight out!


First snowman of the season

Tonight before bedtime we played outside for a little bit, and daddy helped Victoria make the first snowman of the season!

Lazy Sunday....

Not much going on today, but it was a busy week. We finished up the wood we had to split and stack, cleaned up the yard, and got the chimney cleaned just in time for this...


Busy Weekend

We had all kinds of people over yesterday (Sunday) to take down a huge dead oak tree in the back yard. After a long day of cutting, stacking, hauling, etc, and 10 people fed a steak dinner, we're on our way to having a fair amount of wood for winter. Thanks to Jim, Penny, Steven, Pam, Russ, Mary, Darrel, Scott and Chase for all the help!

Here's some of the video from the actual cutting down of the tree - that part only took 5 minutes from when Rod's step-dad Jim began cutting the notches out to when it fell. The next few hours were spent cutting and splitting. The base of the trunk was 4 Feet across - a huge tree!

Victoria had fun playing with cousins Faith and Chloe, too - they were all exhausted by the day's end. Looking at the pictures, you'd NEVER guess they're related!

Typical conversations around here.

V: I have a band-aid. My leg hurts. The Doctor hurt me.
Me: Uh Huh
V: Why?
Me: Because they had to give you a shot to keep you healthy (flu shot)
V: Why?
Me: Because sometimes that's part of growing up.
V: Why? But I was so excited.
Me: Why?
V: To go to the doctor!
5 minutes later...
V: I ate my cookie. Can I have another one?
Me: No.
V: Please?
Me: No.
Me: No.
Me: No.
V: But my leg hurts!