Found some pics!

Flower girl in Aunt Nancy's wedding in 1983

Ballet recital in 1986

Ballet recital in 1987


A little practice fishing

Before our hopefully annual (if not more frequent) fishing trip to Jack's Landing. V and I went up with my parents to the property to do a little work, and some fishing re-con :)

Letters to daddy

I was off doing something this morning, and when I came in the living room, Victoria (sitting at her desk) informed me she was writing a letter to daddy. As she told me, it said "To Dad I hope you have a great (grate - she informed me it's a silent e word!) time at work." She had it written out already all the way up to "time" which she wasn't sure how to spell. Love this kid!!!


She loves her dresses!

Especially when they used to be mine :)


Out with the old

In with the... Older?!?

Yesterday, Miss Pat gave V a HUGE box of books that were her daughter's (who is now 25). Included were some Dr. Seuss, Disney, Bernstain Bears, and many more. Victoria and I spent an hour or so going thru all her books - downstairs and up in her library, and she chose a huge pile of books that she wanted to give away. So far, of the "new" books, V's favorites are "Don and Donna play Baseball" and "Robin Hood".

As soon as we got the box of books home, V pulled out this pile and spent close to an hour combing through each one.
And today, drying off in the sunshine...

A nice warm day

...means playing in the new pool (free, thanks to Mr. Bootz!)

And some yummy snacks :)