Skipper V, reporting for duty!

I saw Victoria up here, and thought she looked like she was steering a boat in the rain with her little hood up.


Warm weather = fun outfits

This first outfit I bought in Chicago, and it didn't stay on long, since it was way too warm. But it's so cute, I couldn't resist! BTW - the pants are supposed to be capri's. And, yes, she's playing with a BCPD slinky!

Hangin' out in the side yard, liking the soft grass and the warm weather!

What the heck are these? Who needs pockets at this age? I could just see her tripping and not being able to catch herself cuz her hands are in her pockets!
Hmm... how does this thing work???
Victoria had fun playing in the leaves, but wasn't too sure when they stuck to her feet.
Auditioning for a "Lollipop Kids" role, or showing anyone can do the job of a construction worker (Turn sign to "Stop".... Turn sign to "Slow") Though hopefully she aspires to something greater.

I also learned today that warm weather + bare feet = splinters from the deck. I noticed Victoria had two little splinters in her foot when I was giving her her bath tonight. Luckily they seem very superficial, and I'm thinking I'll just keep an eye on them and make sure they don't get infected and simply work their way out. I can't imagine trying to keep a 16 month old still to try to get them out!


Home for a while???

We've been out of our normal routine for about two months now (since our trip to WV and FL). I think we're going to hang out around home for a little while now. Jody and I went to Chicago last weekend for a girl's trip and had a blast. Rod worked, and Victoria hung out with Jaj and Busha and cousin Moira.
We got to have a quick visit with Jen and Ayden before I left for Chi-town.

V had a good time showing Moira how all the toys work.


Victoria's Voice

We would like to thank everyone that has donated to the March of Dimes in name of Victoria's Voice. We have been able to raise a good amount of money, but we can do better. I know there are still some of you out there that can give a little. Please visit our sponsor page and do so....Victoria's Voice grows stronger with every donation. Thanks!


What the heck is this?!?

Short of a couple bites of a chocolate chip cookie every now and then, Victoria really doesn't get too many sweets. I did give in to the holiday yesterday, though, and gave her a chocolate egg, which she enjoyed immensely.

Though shortly after taking a few 'cute' pics, the chocolate proceeded to go in the hair, on the shirt sleeve, and all over the face!

She's also signing "All Done" in the last photo. We're working on a little signing here and there. So far we've pretty much mastered 'milk', 'more', and 'all done'. I've just been focusing on the words that she can say, but that other people may have difficulty understanding.


Week in review

This week found us on an unexpected (well, expected eventually, but not so soon) trip back to West Virginia. We got the call last Saturday that Rod's grandpa passed away, so Sunday we packed up and headed down. We got back last night after spending the week visiting with friends and family.

The first few days we were there the weather was beautiful. By the time we left, it was cold and snowing!