Can 'ya tell???

Do ya think these two are related, or what??? We got to take a quick trip up north to visit Grandma Penny, Papa Jim, Uncle Steven, Aunt Pam and Faith. Faith had a great time, and was showing how she'll soon make a great, big sis!


I Get What I Want

You try and say "No" to this face...


Independent Sitter!

Okay, still not for too long, but it's a milestone nonetheless!
And here's a video, since I'm told the photos don't do Miss V justice! Note the ever-present line of drool... still no teeth, though!

Our Super Sitter


I'm Queen of the World

Victoria enjoying a new toy at Grandma and Grandpa Balcerski's. We thought she would bash her head, but she did just fine.

On a side note: Got a great deal on a hitch for the CR-V today. $140.00 for the whole deal. I also had a chance to use the "Insta-Ramp" Bruce gave me some time ago. They worked great and MONSTER QUAD was a perfect fit in my utility trailer. Guess Jim will have to chase me after all.... (For those of you that do not know, Jim likes to try and catch dirt bikes and quads that come into the yard.) Between Rich and I on quads, and Steven in the sandrail, Jim will have his hands full!


A little late

Pics from last weekend, a little late! V really does smile most of the time, however whenever she sees something shiny (jewelry, phone, camera) she gets the dazed look you see in most pictures.
With "Aunt" Mandy

With Aunt Marie

Getting ready for Aunt Marie's baby shower

New Wheels

We finally decided on a new vehicle. Its a 2006 Honda CR-V. Having an Accord has given us some insight on the quality that Honda is putting out. This vehicle will provide us with another gas efficient vehicle that is safe and has enough space for the whole family. Plus I can still pull my MONSTER QUAD around once I get the hitch put on. Enjoy the pics, or stop on by for a free ride.


Just pluggin' along

Not too much going on these days, just typical summer fun... visiting friends and family, trying to stay cool. We got to see Aunt Mandy a week ago. It was the first time she and V met each other, since Mandy was sick when she was home last time (way back in December). As always, the visit was short, but I'm so glad she was able to stop by to see us. I was without my digital camera for that weekend, so I'll have to get pics from mom to post later.

We got a new gadget! I finally broke down and bought a real high chair for the house. We had just the portable one that strapped to a chair, and my back's been killing me from bending over. So, thanks in part to a gift from Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Andy (thanks, guys!), we were able to get a new highchair! These things have come a long way from the wooden contraptions our parents had for us. It comes with a detachable toy for when she's sitting but not eating, etc. V loves it, though!

We've spent a bit of time in the car this week, driving around shopping for a new vehicle to replace the monster truck. Hopefully I'll have pics of us to post in the new ride by mid-next week. We decided on a Honda CR-V. They're rated highly by Consumer Reports, and we love my Honda.

Last weekend when we were home, V started saying Dadadada, though sometimes it sounds more like Lala, and sometimes Jaja. If only Mama weren't so tough! In good time. And she's starting to scoot a little, but her preferred method of transportation across the floor is still rolling.

That's it from us for now!



Victoria is two-thirds of a year old today. I sometimes don't realize how far I've come until I look back to see all we've done in the past 8 months.

Where we are now:
V's very ticklish... body, toes, neck, butt-cheeks :D She loves to laugh, and her smiles and giggles make my day brighter.

She's doing very well with foods. We're through all the 1st foods, onto 2nd foods, which have a little more texture and a lot more variety. A typical day of eating includes rice cereal and fruit for breakfast and lunch (different fruits for each meal), and meat/starch and veggies for dinner. Of course, the milk is still flowing, and still her primary source of nutrition. But she does love food! Dinnertime is especially fun, and she's learning how to feed herself without gagging herself with the spoon.

Naps are still pretty sporadic. It seemed for a while she had a good 2-3 hour nap in the morning, then a little cat nap in the afternoon. Now she's back to 3-4 catnaps throughout the day, crashing wherever and whenever the mood strikes.

She's almost able to sit up on her own for more than a few seconds (if only that head weren't so heavy!) and she's rolling all over the place. It doesn't take her long at all to get halfway across the room! She's really taking notice of the dogs now, too. They're making sure they keep their distance so as not to lose a handful of fur!

She loves looking at herself, and me, in the mirror. She also loves watching videos of herself!

Teeth still have yet to make an appearance, though Victoria is still chewing on anything and everything she can get into her mouth. We're hoping when they do appear, they'll show up all at once, which I know is just a pipe dream, but a girl can dream, right???


Visitors and friends

Ed, Pam, and Ainsley came over yesterday to visit... we grilled dinner, made s'mores around the bonfire, and pretty much got carried away by the mosquitos, though the bats were out on patrol. Victoria and Ainsley made friends with a dragonfly (I'm learning it's difficult to try to capture a moving object on camera and get a decent shot!)


Tuckered out

Victoria and I went to Bay City today to participate in a Breastfeeding Awareness walk. We walked (okay, I walked, she rode), had lunch, visited with other moms and little ones, and got prizes! I won gift certificates for dinner and a movie! V was great the entire time - just alert and checking out all the sights and sounds. Of course, that meant when we got home, she was just plain tuckered out and crashed for naptime (yes, that's drool - it's everywhere these days!):
And tonight, she crashed hard and fast, too: