Monthly OB Appointment

This morning, Rod and I met with Dr. Wagner, another of the Ob's at Women's Ob/Gyn. Incidentally, Dr. Wagner is the Doc who delivered Jeff & Alina's daughter, Ally Marie.

He's a really nice, easy to talk to guy. Turns out, he was a paramedic! He also is the practitioner within their group who does the most with Ovarian and Breast Cancer awareness and screening. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the Reinhard family history, and given his interest, he may end up being my choice for long term Gyn. He was very interested in Aunt Kathy's tests and their findings, as I mentioned to him that she's volunteering in many different studies, in particular, the results of her BRCA-1 and -2.

Appointment Stats:
Kristin's Blood Pressure: 100/60
Baby's Heartrate: 140
Height of Fundus (size of uterus?): 14cm
Weight Gained since last appt: 1 lb (s'okay~I started out a little high)

It took a few minutes for the doc to find the baby's heartrate, but it turns out it's because it was so low in my abdomen! Once he found it, it sounded so strong!

Next appt: Tuesday, Sept. 20th with Suki (midwife)