Another First

Victoria had her first Lake Huron excursion this Memorial Day weekend. Rod and I took her over to Jaj and Busha's house, and made sure to take a trip down to the lake. The water is still around 55 degrees, so she didn't stay in for long. She did take a nice long nap on the beach, though!

Go Pistons!

Victoria's not too happy with the way they've been playing the past few games.
We had a few people over to watch the Pistons game and the UFC fight this past Saturday. V was having such a great time, she didn't fall asleep until 11:30pm!!!


Play Time!

Thanks again to Spencer and the Daniels Family for giving Victoria this wonderful play set. I know she will get lots of use out of it in the near future.


First Bite!

Kristin attempted to feed Victoria with a spoon for the first time on my B-Day. Victoria must have thought it was pretty funny, cause all she did was smile and laugh. Posted by Picasa



If I could just...

Not quite...
Almost there...
Got it!!!


Just a few pics

Talking back to daddy already.

Am I too young to start reading? Our little bookworm-in-the-making.


Shoulda been

You should have been 3 months old today. Instead, you're 5 months, 1 week, and 3 days old! What does that mean? It means your daddy and I got to meet you a little earlier than expected, and you're even more special than we ever could have imagined. Every time I stare into your big blue eyes I'm reminded of just how lucky I am. I can't wait to teach you everything I know, and to see your knowledge surpass mine and daddy's.

I can only hope that you and I will be as close as my mom and I are. Though it wasn't always like that, and I realistically expect the same with you. I know there will be times you think you hate me (somewhere around 14 or so). I wish I could tell you I'll always have the right advice, the answers to the hard questions, but I won't. What I can do is promise I'll always love you for whoever you want to be, support you in whatever you decide to do, be your biggest cheerleader.

I don't hope that you'll become rich, or famous. I only hope that you find your true calling, something that makes you really happy, and that you're able to answer that calling wholeheartedly. I hope that you'll find someone to love, support and respect you the way your daddy does me, and I him. We'll try our hardest to teach you right from wrong, to be strong-willed and be true to yourself and what you believe in.

It seems each day is a new adventure for you. With so many more milestones ahead, we've only just begun.

I love you, Miss V.


Closer to 30...

Be sure to note the awesome quilt in the background... a gift from Aunt Manna (for V, of course - not Rod!)


Go ahead! Make my Dinner!

Today Victoria asked me how hold she has to be to obtain a CCW permit.....Daddy's lil' girl!

Sit. Stay.

Roll Over!!!


Mother's Day

Saturday night I took the time to read over all the posts from December 2005. It was weird to read my postings and remember what we all went through. It made me remember how I felt when Victroia was born. It is supposed to be the happiest moment of your life...instead it was scary, nervous, and happy. I remember the day Kristin had surgery. This will go down as the best "worst day" ever. It was a bad day, but ended up with the best possible outcome. It was a rollercoaster of a month and I remember celebrating the new year knowing that 2006 had to be better than 2005.

If you have extra time, go through and read December's postings and comments. It will help you understand why we take time to appreceiate women on Mother's Day. My wife has been through a lot just to be the mother of our little girl. I cannot thank her enough or love her more. Please leave a comment and help me thank my wife for being a mother on Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!



Victoria made a new friend this Saturday. We all went to Steve and Brena's to celebrate Steve's graduation. V met Caleb - Brena's nephew. Caleb was born the end of February - 5 weeks early, but now over 15 pounds! They might not think much about being around each other, but I think they agreed that the adults are strange people - so many people making such a fuss!


I guess it's time

Now that big miss V is 5 months old, we decided (Rod decided, I grudgingly agreed) it's time to make the nighttime venture from the pack 'n' play in our room to the crib upstairs. So last night instead of making the journey to our room, up we went to the nursery. It was an uneventful night, thankfully. Hopefully the first of many. I woke up a few times hearing little sounds on the monitor, but she was just moving around, never crying. Then I got her up at 7 this morning. Maybe the elephants watching over her helped...


King Size Pack N Play

Victoria's comfortable new sleeping position...


Does something stink??

No! She's just so stinkin' cute! We met Aunt Bo in Birch Run for a little shopping today. We went to Little Me, Carter's and OshKosh, and bought V's first pair of jeans!


The Price of Speed!

How much does speed cost? Right now its about $2.91 every 6 to 8 miles. Well worth it!


Victoria Meets Her Great Grandmother

Yesterday Kristin was able to take Victoria to visit her Great Grandmother Balcerski. We are in the Port Huron area helping Rich and Cyndi move into their new home. You can tell from the picture that Grandma Balcerski was very happy to meet lil' Victoria.


Pic of the Day

March of Dimes Walk

Much thanks to Victoria's Voice. The team (pictured below) raised over $1300 for the March of Dimes. It was a great time with decent weather. I am certain we will be walking again next year.