First Zoo trip for the season... AND article in the paper!

Lauren called and asked if we'd like to join them at the zoo yesterday, and I'm so glad we did! It's great to get out of the house, and the weather was pretty close to perfect.

And one of my new favorite pictures! Love it!

Also - supposedly there will be an article about us and our team for the March For Babies in both the Saginaw and Bay City papers today or tomorrow. Haven't seen it yet, though. I did a phone interview with the journalist last Sunday, and we had a little mini photo shoot on Wednesday. Can't wait to see how it all comes out!

ETA.. here it is!


Living Room... Done!

An old pic, but just a reminder of what the vertical blinds used to look like...
The curtains the way they came from the store... too short!

After some work, I added the strip along the top, made them grommet tops, and fixed the rods. I love the result!


Busy-work projects

I taught myself how to crochet to keep my hands busy while we're watching tv, etc. My first projects are below.
My most recent completion, but I'm finding I'm so critical of my projects I end up pulling the whole thing apart and re-doing it a few times. But each project is a lesson learned on what to do next. Or what not to do.

V and I stitched her "lady bug house"
My second attempt at a dish scrubbie...