Hail to the Victors!



Victoria finally got to meet her two new cousins yesterday. Rod even managed to get some video!


Future career?

I think our little one might have a future as a jockey racing horses. For starters, we know she's not going to be very tall. Then there's this video: practicing already! (there's a little bonus halfway through the video, too!)



After being gone almost a month (and missing the twins' births), Busha finally got to meet Kasia and Moira this past weekend. Here's a photo I stole from their blog to share. I'm pretty sure the hats they're wearing are two of the many Busha made while caretaking for Aunt Kathy.


Spoiled Fan

Been a Tiger's fan for less than a year and already getting to see them in the World Series!


Big girl belly laughs

We had a fun game of peek-a-boo today. It went on for so long I was actually able to get up, get the camera and come back for more! It had been going on for at least 5 minutes before I started taping.

Click here to enjoy belly laughs!

Our two "foxy" ladies

Victoria: the not-so-stealthy bone stealer. She's got it down, though - roll in, take what you want and roll away! Foxy didn't seem to mind too much.

Playing is such tiring work!


For those not in Michigan to experience it...

I wasn't lying!!

Again, we survived

Rod and I spent our first night away from Victoria Friday night. Since he's often gone at night for work, it was a bigger deal for me. He had some meetings in Novi and wanted me to tag along. So Charee and the gang got to play with Victoria for a whole two days! There was no question we'd all survive just fine, and we did. Rod and I had a good time, but of course the one day I could really just sleep in all morning I was up and wide awake before 8am.

Nothing much more to report. The snow hasn't stuck around, thankfully. All I've got to say to Mother Nature is yuck!

Some photos from last week:
Someone was just exhausted

Having "spaghetti" for the first time (with spaghetti squash instead of noodles). Lesson here: somehow italian baby food is okay, but real spaghetti sauce with all that tomato makes for a nasty diaper rash :(


Read My Shirt.

Impossible not to smile when you see this photo!


They're here!!!

After a very long night, and an even longer day, the twins have arrived. J&M headed into the hospital at 2:30am this morning where the doc checked Marie and found she was dilated to 7cm. They immediately put in the epidural and got ready to go. Long story short, 13 hours later with a pitocin drip that had been going since late morning, she was still 7cm. So at 3:31/3:33pm today, they did a c-section and delivered Kasia Marie (6lb12oz and 19 1/4") and Moira Grace (6lb 7oz and 19 1/2"). For those of you with poor math skills, that was over 13 lbs of BABY in there!!! Everyone is doing well, though they're all very tired. So far, I think Kasia looks like Jeff and Moira looks like Marie.



This is th closest we will get...however we are waiting for Uncle Jeff and Aunt Marie to have theirs any day now.


Stealing the Show

Today, Victoria and I (Rod) attended the FOP Steak Fry at our lodge. Victoria totally stole the show. She was able to meet many current and former Bay City Police Officers. We had a great time. The picture is a bit out of focus, but it captures the evening.