Our First Ob Appointment

Rod and I met with Dr. Jones today. She's one of 6 Ob/Gyn's at Women's Ob/Gyn and is so sweet! And so talkative!

The first thing we did was go over the results from all the initial bloodwork they did. Everything looked good, nothing too much to worry about, other than I tested positive for the Group B Strep virus. What this means, from what I understand, is nothing more than I need to make sure I get Penicillin when I go into labor, to protect the baby. This virus is nothing that can harm me, but the baby won't initially have the antibodies to fight the virus, so we make sure we both get the penicillin before I deliver.

We also got to have an ultrasound! They like to do one early on to accurately date the baby. It can tell by the size of the fetus an approximate due date. Originally, I had thought the due date would be February 22nd, but they're putting it at Feb. 19th. So that's it! It's official! What an amazingly unbelievable experience to see that little thing moving around in there - when it's so tiny!!!
Appointment Stats:
Kristin's Blood Pressure: 104/60
Baby's Heart Rate: 156 (average, Dr. Jones says)

Next appt: Tuesday, Aug. 23rd with Dr. Wagner