Warmup = Ladybugs!

The warm weather last week brought the ladybugs out of the woodwork. Who needs a bug zapper when V will just run around gathering everything she can see?!?

Just another lazy Sunday

I was sitting at the dining room table reading through the paper. Victoria saw the comics and asked if she could have them. Here's what I looked down to see...


Glimpse of what's to come...

I glance at V's chair, where she should be sitting, eating dinner. The chair's empty. I holler, "V, what are you doing?" as the last time I glanced up, she was right there.

Her response? "I'm reading a book! Can I read AND eat?"

It's a struggle to get her to wear anything but a dress. Luckily, I found a ton of cute dresses at WalMart for $5 each, so they're great for everyday wear. I finally got to take the tags off this outfit I bought for her last year, by convincing her that everyone would think she was beautiful in pants OR a dress. Still, every day it's the same question, "Mom, can I please get dressed into a dress? PLEASE?"


Halloween pics

Just a few of our little witch :)