Cold weather, take your time

We're not looking forward to cooler weather... that means more clothes, not being to hang out outside all day, etc. Well, okay, I'm looking forward to Victoria finally getting to wear some of the outfits we have for her that are just too warm to wear now!

Just a few photos:

Why be a Ger*ber baby when you can be a Yoplait Kid???

Hanging out in the loft/playroom

She went right to the open (oops!) closet, pulled out the broom, and started sweeping the kitchen!


And another one!

Sure, why not one more video? She not only dances, she sings, too! Victoria dances to pretty much any music, but for some reason she loves to sing along with this song! Might take a little time, it's kind of a long video - but it's needed to get the full effect!


Pat pat pat pat

Well the videos appear to be pretty popular. Here is another one.


Warming Up

As you can see...Victoria is gearing up for another Detroit Pistons season!


What's going on around your house?

Fall means fun stuff!! Here's what was going on yesterday behind our house. Rod and Victoria went out to watch the fun for a little while.


Update on little G-man

For those of you who'd like to know, G-man is doing well. He now has a trach, and probably will for a while, but he's growing and thriving. B & A had some photos done a week or so ago. Here are some I pulled off, thought I'd share. He's 12 weeks now, is out of the NICU, into the PICU, and may soon be home! Just one more event that makes us so thankful that Victoria's NICU experience was relatively uneventful.


Model in training!

In looking at these photos taken the other day, I thought Victoria looked just like a big-girl model with her body language and facial expressions.



Victoria was all about the 'B' words the other night - on the Bed, with her Bear, her Ball, her Baby, and was Bouncing all over the place! She'd say "b-b-b-bear!" "b-b-b-baby!", etc, identifying everything around her. She's learning so fast!


Just a beautiful day

What a great day! The sky is blue, the breeze is just enough to keep it from getting too hot, and the great shade trees on our property keep things nice and shady.