Year End Review

Last year at this time we had gone through some serious, life changing , events. I (Rod) could not wait for 2005 to end. Kristin and I celebrated the New Year in the hospital. I remember us both watching the ball drop and then asking for 2006 to be better. Well, it was! It has been a great year all around and we have a lot to be thankful for. I can only hope that 2007 will bring as much joy to our lives.

Leaving you with a picture....1 year ago today, Krsitin got her NG tube out. The picture shows relief as we knew things were already getting better.


So close!

Click here for the latest video of the cruiser in action.


Tub time

And time to show all you who doubt there's any hair... it's there, just still kinda sparse...

Big mouth? Who? Me? No way! I'm just practicing to be an expert at drinking from a drinking fountain, or shower head, or raindrops, or whatever!


We've successfully passed the peanut test. Victoria tried peanut butter on some whole wheat bagel about two weeks ago, with no problems. I know kids with peanut allergies, and it's not fun for them, or for the mom.

V's new mid-day snack is peanut butter and bananas on whole wheat bagels or toast. To quote Rachael Ray, Yum-O!


Nothing to report

Which for me will always be a good thing on this day. Last year, December 27th's events led to Rod's WTF??? post. Truthfully, the thought had occurred to me the other day that we were almost on the one-year anniversary of my surgery/hospitalization/disaster of a reproductive system, but today I hadn't given it much thought. That's a good thing. No use dwelling on the past, on things we cannot change. There is use, however, in relishing every moment I have, and in remembering what an amazing support system I have surrounding me each and every day.


Picture perfect

Merry Christmas

Four long days of fun were to be had around here. Dec 22 we had Christmas at our house with Jaj and Busha, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Marie, and Kasia and Moira. Dec 23 and 24 were spent up north with Grandma Penny, Papa Jim, Grandpa Russ, and all the rest of Rod's family. Today, we're home, everyone napping at the moment and just plain tuckered out from all the excitement.



Well, I think we may have successfully quit the bottle. Cold Turkey. Rod and I decided the best route was just to take a few days of misery but not even offer Victoria the option of a bottle. It wasn't fun, but I think we successfully transitioned to a sippy cup. She'd be just as happy using just a regular cup, but that's a little messy.

And some pics, of course:

Gotta say 'Wassup' to my homies in purple!

Dirty, dirty windows... fingerprints and mouthprints inside, noseprints outside!


Not so much fun

I thought it would be great for Victoria to go to her first show yesterday. Actually, last night. Rod, V and I met up with mom and dad, Jeff & Marie, and Marie's family to see White Christmas at the Fox Theatre. Silly me figured it would either A) be entertaining enough that it would keep V occupied, or B) start late enough that as long as we were equipped with bottles and a pacifier, we'd be good. Not so much. V is officially at the point that she doesn't really want to be held, when there's so much to explore on the floor. Needless to say, Rod and she spent almost a good 2 hours sitting in the car in the parking garage. I thought for sure as soon as she was strapped in the car seat she'd calm down and fall asleep. Again, not so much. Turns out she screamed almost the entire time the two of them were in the car. She slept the hour and a half drive home, but then started screaming again for about 45 minutes (this would be around midnight) before falling asleep.

So... a late, restless night makes for a sleepy baby at breakfast:

I really hoped this wouldn't happen, but I fear we may be entering the "can't take our child out in public for extended periods of time" stage...


Almost there

Victoria had her 12 month checkup today. She's still got a pound and a half to go before she can get out of the rear-facing carseat/carrier. I think there will be times when I miss that carrier (like when she's sleeping and I can just pick the whole thing up and throw a blanket over her) but my back will certainly not miss that thing. She weighed in at 18 pounds, 9 ounces. I don't remember what her height was (29 inches, maybe) but she's in the 50th percentile for her adjusted age for both.

The next big steps (besides the carseat, since that one's probably a month off): no more formula, no more baby food, no more bottles. The bottle one is going to be the most difficult as she still tends to throw fits and refuse anything but a bottle. We'll see... nobody says we have to quit cold turkey.

Miscellaneous pics

Here's V's birthday outfit. Somehow with all the photos that were taken Saturday, none got her in her special outfit (other than her birthday suit, of course!)

And look! I've got an elephant on my butt!


What a day!

Wow. What a fun-filled, busy, exciting day we all had yesterday! I think I counted over 50 people all packed into our house (thankfully they all fit, even if it was a little tight at times) to help us celebrate Victoria's first birthday.

First, before the party, we had to go to the FOP Christmas party, where V did much better with Santa.

Then it was back to our house for the fun!

The "before" cake picture:

During Cake:

After Cake:

Opening presents... we quickly learned that all kids flock to presents like hungry seagulls to a bag of french fries:

How the night ended (by 7pm):

And the aftermath today:


The tickers at the top of the page say it all...

What an amazing, wonderful, scary, fun-filled year it has been. Happy birthday, my sweet angel!


What a little Ham!

Victoria and I got her first Wal-Mart photos done the other day. It really does make it tough to say no to all their upselling when she takes such great pictures! I am a little disappointed that you can buy a CD with the images, which I did, but then the quality is reduced on the pics. You get the idea, though!


The Season for Giving

All of you know that the March of Dimes is an organization that is very special and important to us. I know sometimes money's tight, and there are endless charities/organizations that could use our hard-earned dollars. But sometimes there's a little added incentive (beyond feeling good about donating), and right now that's exactly what March of Dimes is doing. Between now and December 31, MedImmune will match each and every donation made to M.O.D. up to a total of $50,000. Essentially that means you're donating twice as much! Sometimes donating to something like this is a thought never followed through on. If you'd like to make a donation, please visit the March of Dimes website or click here.


Indian Summer

It was fun while it lasted...



To those of you who might be coming up for Victoria's party, please note the time has changed.

The party won't start until 3:30 (instead of 2). We've got an FOP Christmas event to attend earlier in the afternoon. Hope this doesn't mess too many of you up.