Christmas Preparation

I try to keep the really "Christmas-y" decorations until after V's birthday to allow some separation between the two important days. Today was "gingerbread" (graham cracker) house and tree decorating day!


Photos from our Florida Trip November, 2010 part 2

At our favorite restaurant, Pasta And...

And of course there were a few beach days :)


Photos from our Florida Trip November, 2010 part 1

Lion Country Safari had a promotion for government workers that gave us a good deal on their two parks. But we determined even at full price, it would be worth it.

FOP Christmas Party 2010

A few people braved the winter storm to attend the annual FOP Childrens' Christmas Party.

Victoria spent more time telling Santa what she got for her birthday, and when he asked what she wanted for Christmas, she couldn't think of anything to tell him!


Happy Birthday, Miss V!!!

‎5 years ago, my amazing daughter made a sudden entrance into the world more than two months before we expected her. The first days and months brought so much anxiety/uncertainty/fear. Since then, I've been blessed with 5 years of love, pride and joy. Happy birthday to my sweet little girl.


Fun at Grandma's Pumpkin Patch

Victoria's teacher Miss Heather overheard me talking with Aaya's (V's new friend, the girl in the photos) mom about setting up a breakfast playdate. She suggested we head to Midland to Grandma's Pumpkin Patch with the kids. What a GREAT idea!

In addition to the little cow ride, the inflatable bouncy house, haunted house, bales of hay, pony ride, and so much more we didn't even get to, the day was finished with a fun hayride! The bouncy ride, the sound of the old tractor, brought back so many great memories for me of going back to the woods with mom, dad and Jeff when we were kids.


Found some pics!

Flower girl in Aunt Nancy's wedding in 1983

Ballet recital in 1986

Ballet recital in 1987


A little practice fishing

Before our hopefully annual (if not more frequent) fishing trip to Jack's Landing. V and I went up with my parents to the property to do a little work, and some fishing re-con :)

Letters to daddy

I was off doing something this morning, and when I came in the living room, Victoria (sitting at her desk) informed me she was writing a letter to daddy. As she told me, it said "To Dad I hope you have a great (grate - she informed me it's a silent e word!) time at work." She had it written out already all the way up to "time" which she wasn't sure how to spell. Love this kid!!!


She loves her dresses!

Especially when they used to be mine :)